B. #13

Little Eyes
Written by: Bobby Bookout 
Copyright 2018 Bookout Music (BMI)
Are you the one I’ve waited for… the end of there’s no end in sight?
Ignored you knocking on my door. Now I fear that I don’t have the fight.
I always knew you’d be there. Thought that maybe you’d forgotten my name.
I always hoped that I’d be ready, but what’s ready? Either way we meet the same.
What’s this that stirs within me? Suddenly my mettle’s compromised.
Fear seemed so foreign to me. Then twice my eyes were met by little eyes.
Now every breath I take, I cherish… clinging on to this dear life.
And when my light burns out, I want them to know they’re the reason it was bright.
Be this chance or be this grand design…
Peace, it comes with the impending night.
Faith has staked its claim, then fallen back again, but never left me faithless.
Loved and fought with fire. Disregarded consequence. Decided what my name meant.
Strayed so far from perfect. Given grace, so undeserving. Chased my dreams.
But this one keeps on chasin’ me and I’ve grown tired of the chasin’. So I’ll face it.