B. #3

Written by: Bobby Bookout 
Copyright 2012 Bookout Music (BMI)
I hear them coming down… 1, 2, then 3… Louder and closer, fast approaching.
4 hits the ground… feel it in my feet. Maybe I’ll be dead come 5, 4’s got me wondering.
Is this how I’m going toothbrush clinched in my teeth… Looking through my naked body, staring back at me.
6 months of tempting fate to come for me… Could this be fate answering a day before I should be going…
Home… Home…  
Rooted in my reflection, I think back and reflect some. This vacation in the sand; it meant a long pause in my song.
Word came, I was going. She said, “Will you take me?”. Gave her my best try. She was never mine. I had to set her free.
Boom 5 and I’m still breathing. An echo of truth resounds… Won’t miss the blood it’s cost cause I ain’t lost, and don’t need to be found.
I’m getting just a little colder… No slump in my spine. I’ve made my bed with no regret, and if now is my time… I’m going…
Home… Home
6 sails overhead. 7’s further. And with 8… the series fades to silence. I look back up and take aim.
I swear to be alive with every gifted breath I take… realizing with the rising of the sun, I’ll be on my way…
Yeah… Home