Bobby Bookout #14

Guns Drawn
Written and Composed by: Bobby Bookout
Copyright 2009 Bookout Music (BMI)
The year was 2G we were out to sea, Me and my boys in our blue and green
We hadn’t seen land in a month it seemed, Our next port was Israeli
Lines hit the pier, it was time to go, We were on deck in bout an hour or so
Me and my boy Antone Loco, You never seen a duo like this before
A bottle in hand and without a plan, We hit the town, did it up real grand
Parted with a couple Russian lady friends, We were rushin cause we had to make a 6am
Cab was long gone when we caught on, There were fences to hop, there were miles to run
We were following coastline and racin the sun, When some local boys in cammies interrupted our fun
And I said “ooh ooh… they’ve got their guns drawn”
The fella with the 50 chambered one, We said…
“Whoa whoa American”
Crew of the proud U.S.S. Trenton
They said I.D… We gave ‘em some
Then they gave us a ride to the pier we docked on
The OOD shouted here they come, salute
Permission to come aboard and our day was done
Skip a few tales go forward in time, To Norfolk VA Waterside Drive
Bouncer and his boys were lookin for a fight, juice got him courage and a bloody eye
Cops broke it up and things seemed fine, Hangin’  waitin’ on shore patrol to arrive
But Ton didn’t think it justified, me in cuffs and that joker free inside
Told him you, jay, kev, take the car and go, I’ll be fine see you back at the boat
Jay said ‘cmon’ he said ‘no! Officer… We gon talk about this some more
Cop said ‘beat it or you’ll be next, But Ton didn’t deal to well with threats
Slapped away the cops finger that was on his chest, then bolted when the cop said ur under arrest
And I said “ooh ooh… they’ve got their guns drawn”
But ooh ooh my boy could run
All state track… and he was gone
They radioed back up, brief description
20 minutes later came joggin along
He’d been around down town and was back to square one
Then a trap was sprung, he got clipped and stunned
And therein lies the end of another day’s fun
9/11 came and when the planes hit, the judge’s gavel struck and our case was dismissed
Went back to the boat and I’ll never forget, that day or all the others, my brothers, that old ship
There were stapled heads and broken noses, thorough breds and tough guy poses
A blown up car first thing in the mornin’, Pac at wet well ops, and now for the closin’
To the U.S.N. fleet, bees, my friends, thanks for the memories, I’ll love you to the end...