Album #2 Fundraiser


To Anyone Who Might Be Reading This:

When I started recording my first record, I had some money that I'd saved while I was in Iraq. Then you guys helped me get the rest together. That album had a song (Meant To Be) air on national television multiple times on a major network (A&E/Lifetime)... Another song (Broken Promises) was nominated among 5 songs world wide, and then actually went on to WIN the Independent Music Award for R&B song of 2010. Sean Claes, cheif editor of Austin's INsite Magazine, called the album one of Austin's top 10 releases of 2010. We (yes, you and I... if you're still reading, you obviously care and I feel comfortable including you) did all of that starting from scratch! You guys came to the shows... You sang along with me... You introduced your friends to my music. You came to the fund raisers. You bought my cds and my t-shirts. I mean it when I say, I could NOT have made that record happen without you guys... So thank you for that. That was as grassroots as it gets! I mean, we sold BBQ plates!! This is what real independent music's about you guys!!

Well, I'm asking for your help again... The small reserve budget that I had going in this time is spent (and we've got a good chunk of the record already done!) But making extra myself is a little harder this time. Kathryn and I had our little man (Braden Robert) back in November so things have been pretty tight. What I DO have is the momentum from the last record and a lot more of you in my corner than I did starting out last time.

So here's what I'm working on. I'm looking at several options. We'll definitely be having a raffle at some point once I figure out what I can raffle off. I'm looking at getting a new t-shirt. If we can find businesses who are interested, we might consider doing some business sponsorships where they'd sponsor an individual song on the record in exchange for advertising, private shows, etc... But in the mean time, this is what I've got. Much like last time, I'm putting together bundles at discounted rates. Old CD/New CD, Old CD/Shirt, New CD/Shirt, etc... You can check it out here by clicking on the store tab from the Home page of this website...

There's also a "donate" option on that home page if things are tight and you'd rather not purchase anything but still wanted to throw me a much appreciated buck. You can email or facebook me if you'd rather mail a check or meet in person for your order. If mailing a check's easier, simply write down what you're purchasing (shirt size also if applicable) on a slip of paper and mail that and your check to:

Bobby Bookout
1720 Canon Yeomans Trl.
Austin, TX 78748

Thank you all so much for your continued support! I can't wait to get these new songs in your ears!

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