Meant To Be - Dance Moms Miami


So some of you know... Some of you may not... But 'Meant To Be' aired on national television SIX TIMES in a row!! It was featured on the Lifetime reality T.V. show "Dance Moms Miami"... They didn't pay to use the song or even give any artist credit which is pretty crappy... BUT, we've gained fans all over the nation as a result! 'Meant To Be' is my number one selling song on iTunes now. We're also in the process of shooting a video for it! Lots happening, we're picking up speed! Stay tuned... We're confident that you're gonna love this next record!

Oh... And if you haven't heard... WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!! Kathryn and I are so incredibly happy. I've got the most amazing wife in the world. I've got two spoiled (but awesome) dogs... And now I'm gonna have a son! I love my family!

P.S. If you're on Twitter... follow me!!! I'm going to try and start tweeting more... (And if by chance we're not already friends on Facebook, you should make that happen too!)

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