Big News!


Hello Family, Friends, and Fans...
So I'm long overdue for an update, and recent news definitely calls for one...
First, we're finally breaking into the Houston area! If you're going to be in or around Houston on Friday January 20th, come out to Main Street Crossing in Tomball TX. (Northeast of Houston). We go on from 8 to 11pm. If you want more info. on that, holler at me. I'm also hopefully about to book a show in San Antonio but it's a little early to announce that one just yet. These first shows should lead to repeat shows. We just need to prove to them that we can put on a show and draw a crowd. We'll bring the show... Y'all bring the crowd. ;)
2nd... On the home front... Married life's awesome. Kathryn and I are doing great. Bentley (our Maltese) is happy to have his parents (Kathryn and I) living under the same roof. We're almost done remodeling the house... I'm writing material for the next record and looking forward to playing it live for you guys over the next few months. I'm putting together some fund raising packages to help raise money to pay for the album's production. I don't have content details ironed out yet, but there will be different sizes and they'll include everything from pre-ordered copies (this time, cd AND vinyl!!), to t-shirts, to having the band come and play for you at your own private party, to my Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls and carrot cake, etc. If you have other ideas, throw 'em at me. I'll get back to y'all about that. 
3rd... Soooo... We're in another competition... This time, my song "Remedy" is competing. The contest is called the Intel "Superstars" Competition. I already made it into the top 20 in my category. Well, there's 6 categories and now they've taken all 120 songs and are pairing them against each other. You may have to listen through and vote for a few others before you get to Remedy, but I'd SO appreciate your time. You can vote as many times as it comes up. The songs are in a constant random rotation so Remedy will be paired against a different song each time. We have two weeks for y'all to vote. If I make it into the top 10 by December 15th, I'll go on to compete against 9 other songs for $10,000. That would definitely get me rolling on that next record! Thanks (in advance) so much you guys... Here's the link:


That's about it for now... I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you have an even better Christmas.

Take care and be safe over the holiday.

Love y'all...


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