Last Words

Written and Composed by: Bobby Bookout

Copyright 2007 Bookout Music (BMI)


These are the last words, my last goodbye

Can’t let the last one go

I wish you the best

I’ll never regret, you and me


One more goodbye

Last happy hello

Was said long ago

Now we’ll never know, what we could be


So throw on that… that clarity

And let it be… and don’t let

Any feelings show

Cause for all I know

You’ve let them go

For me


Just one more last word, to say the things I should’ve said before

Guess we finally really shut the door

You’re a light

Don’t lose that shine… for anybody


So now I let go… in peace

With peace because I know

We were real…

If to live is to feel… my heart beats for sure…


So when you hear this song

Remember me… but let me let these feelings go

Done all I can do

And there’s no more me

And you


Last words to the Only girl I’ve ever Really loved, another, Last chance

Don’t walk away from Real love for some Painful bullshit romance

Do You remember how Sweet it was last Kiss at Reagan then our Last glance

Or has it faded away… Did it all fade away… Does it all fade away