Ovey Fest! Come & Take It Live

08/4/2019 4:00pm-5:00pm

Ovey Fest will be at Come & Take It Live on Riverside in Austin, on Sunday August 4th. We'll go on right around 4pm...

Many of you know this. Some of you may not. Last year we lost one of the best human beings on the planet. Donnell Robinson (MC Overlord/Big Don) was a close friend of mine and a big brother to me and so many others in the Austin music community. When I moved here in 2007, he was one of the first live acts I got to watch perform (w/Boom Box at Lucky Lounge). I remember walking out of there floored and so happy about my decision to move to this city. Shortly after, when I started trying to break into the live music scene myself, he took me under his wing and opened those doors for me by making introductions and letting me open for him at his shows. He even opened for me at my first cd release party for my debut back in 2010 at Dirty Dog Bar. He was selfless and humble, perfectly loving and always willing to make time for you. I loved him and I miss him so much.

Well... I don’t normally play back to back shows. When Patrick approached me about playing Ovey Fest 2019 on 8/4, I happened to already have a show booked on 8/6, but of course I (and my entire band) wanted to be there to honor Donnell.

With that said, I’d love to see you out at either or both of these shows if you can make them. We go on around 4pm, Sunday, August 4th at Come and Take It Live for Ovey Fest. And then, Tuesday, August 6th, I’m honored to share the stage at ONE-2-ONE BAR with Terell Shahid and My Daddy’s Records. We go on at 8. They’ll take the stage at 10. If you ever saw MC Overlord live, you know Terell was his right hand man and is by far, one of the best vocalists in this town. I’m stoked to catch these guys! Come hang!